Blender Pixel Perfect Python Extensions and Asset Library
Created by Luke Stilson 2022


Word Artist

Word Artist is meant to be used in conjunction with 2D tools, and is most useful when using a 2D (orthographic) camera After adding text to the scene Add Menu (Shift+A) > Text, additional options will be available to you under the text properties (properties panel > object properties).
2D tools panel
Advanced Geometry adds a geometry node modifier to the selected text, controlling additional geometry aspects of the text. For this to work properly with all options, text should be extruded at least to 0.01.

These options simulate 3D perspective on text through a orthographic camera and allow for unique perspective control on each text object added.
2D tools panel
This panel allows you to cycle through fonts added to the project quickly.
2D tools panel
This panel copies the selected data from checkboxes from the Active text object to each Selected text object. If the selected text object(s) do not have Advanced Geometry nodes, they will be added if Geometry Settings is toggled on.
2D tools panel
This panel allows for per-character kerning. Each letter of the selected text will be displayed here, followed by it's kerning value.