Project Showcase

Luke Stilson | 2022

Node-Based Audio Visualization

Song: Slowly - Giraffage Testing music visual capibilities with Blender Geometry Nodes. Frequencies are accessed and baked to values, driving color, extrusion, shape, and scale values on a grid of hexagons. Takes a fair amount of setup, but posibilities with this process using nodes has exciting prospects.

Sword VFX - with BPx Emitters (custom real-time particle editor addon)

A small looping project, showcasing just the tip of the iceburg on my BPx particle editor addon for Blender. Particles are predicted over frames, allowing for seamless looping and immediate run (no baking/simulating). Shaders on the sword are procedural stylized materials simulating reflected light, but in a way which is exactly replicable in Unity.

RV Rig + Animation - Blender to Unity (Game-Ready Asset)

I rigged and animated this RV in various states of activity, exaggerated start, stop, turn, etc. All animations are done in a stationary position for use in Unity. Here I have a mock-up of a start, idle while driving, then stop. I created multiple variations of each of these states and set the Gameobject up in Unity, complete with scripts for control and a concise Animation Controller.

Donut Generator

I thought it fitting I make my donut while improving my skills in Geometry Nodes and Python Scripting. The entire mesh is being created within geometry nodes. Although frequently changing and updating through recent versions of Blender, Geometry Nodes continue to be an incrediable resource. This is a project created to improve my understanding of the nodes. I have since gone on to write BPx Emitters and many other time-saving tools using a combonation of geometry nodes and a custom-scripted Python UI panel, as pictured here.

Mixed 2D/3D Animation in Blender

Using my BPx 2D Tools and Emitters panel, I have been experimenting with mixed 2D/3D Animation using an orthographic camera. All particle systems, dollars, sparks, god rays- were created with my BPx Emitters addon. Images for the vault door, lock symbol, etc were created in Illustrator and used via my BPx 2D tools addon.