Blender Pixel Perfect Python Extensions and Asset Library
Created by Luke Stilson 2022


Grid Packer

The Grid Packer Panel will be available at the bottom of the Properties Panel > Output Properties.
2D tools panel
This allows for a Scene or any external image sequence to be rendered to a grid. To get started, set the Source to Scene or Image Sequence.

If source is set to Scene, set the source scene in the dropdown (Scene should never be "packScene", but "packScene" is always default before a scene is set).

Then set the Packed Image Size and Packed Canvas Size. To pack to a grid, render size has to be square, so these options represent X and Y simultaniously.
Packed Canvas size must be relative to Packed Image Size (i.e. if Packed Image Size = 512, Packed Canvas Size should be set to 1024 for a 2x2 grid, 2048 for a 4x4 grid, etc.).

For best results always use power of 2 numbers (2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, 512, 1024, 2048, 4096)

If source is set to image sequence, use the buttons to open the sequence from your computer. Select the first frame, Shift+Select the end frame, then click Open Image.
Be sure the "Source Size" is set to the size of the image you just added (again X and Y must be the same, and a Source Size of 512 means 512px by 512 px). Then follow the same instructions above.

When everything is set, click Pack Image. Blender will appear frozen for a significant amount of time while the image renders in the background. The resulting image will be saved at the location of the .blend file, in a new folder named "Packed"