Blender Pixel Perfect Python Extensions and Asset Library
Created by Luke Stilson 2022

This package holds primarily python tools and methods related to art creation, workflow improvement, and resource management in Blender


This repo includes the following scripts to be ran as modules, extending the functionality, improving ease-of-use, and simplifying workflows

Word Artist

Non-destructive font editing, improvement on Blender's default 3D font - using custom node_groups for geometry nodes and shaders

2D Tools

Tools for creating accurate pixel-sized planes and standardized methods and workflow for working with a 2D (orthographic) camera
Helps to match and preview Blender exports and 3D models to standard Unity 2D templates

Quick Actions

Panel with tools and contextual tools to reduce mouse clicks. Includes tools for quick render exports, world setup, object alignment tools

File Manager

Similar to After Effects 'Collect Files' functionality. Locates, copies, and places external data in to a directory beside the .blend, then reassociates all the external data to a relative path to the new (copied) files.
For file-sharing and render farm use, where external data should be visible and accessible unlike 'pack resources'

Geo Emitters

Experimental tool for creating particle systems entirely with Geometry Nodes
This allows for 'particle lifetime' to be accessible within the EEVEE renderer, and allows for unlimited utility expansion for particle behavior

Grid Packer

Automatically render the current .blend OR any (square power of 2) image sequence to a (square power of 2) sprite sheet
Acts like the Grid/Strip method in TexturePacker, does not 'pack' by removing transparent space, rather this simply places all images of a sequence or rendered output sequentially in a grid

Tools Manager

UI for managing the scripts included in this repo, acts as a defacto plugin library for these specific scripts
More transparency and flexibility than creating these tools as plugins
Allows for automatic appending of necessary node_groups, shaders, etc


This repo includes an asset library of custom shaders, geometry node_groups

  • Shaders/Materials
    • Procedural Gradients
      • Linear and Radial gradient templates (simple, masked, holdout)
      • Object gradients (over global X, Y, Z of object)
      • True-color gold gradients (gold master, 8 unique gold gradient node_groups)
    • Image Shaders
      • True-color image shader (Unlit)
      • True-color image shader with alpha (Unlit with Alpha)
    • Animated Shaders
      • Procedural looping and clamped positional texture coordinate mapping (Scrolling UV's, Rotating UV's)
    • Fake Lighting Shaders
      • Applies gradients in regard to Normal direction without the use of 'lights' in scene (Toon Lighting, True-Color Lighting)
  • Meshes/Geometry Nodes
    • Animation Geometry Nodes
      • Examples and node_groups for simple linear animation with Geometry Nodes
    • Shadow Plane
      • Geometry node_group for shadow plane setup in EEVEE